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A Preprimary School with Smart Board for Interactive and effective learning.
  • Supporting the Child’s Personality
  • Indoor/Outdoor Games for Little Kids
  • Professional & Qualified Teachers
  • Best Learning School for Kids

Theory for KIDS

Behavioral aspects

At the tender age of one and half years to three and half years kids do not have strong word power to make anyone understand their requirement, indeed but God has created every human being that they can express the feelings by their behavior also, but someone needs to be expert on it...here at Happybees we train our staff to make sure that they can understand the need of every kid by their behavior and not only understand but to react in same manner in which kid is comfortable to understand. We believe It will definitely help in development and enhancement in kids skills.

Eventful learning

Normally Kids grasp the things or pattern what they see visually through Cartoon Network or Movie but when we try to make them understand we can't get so much of success in it, that's why we have arranged an Interactive and Eventful Learning in our Audio Visual Room where they can understand the same things what teacher or parents needs to make them understand by watching fun loving colorful Cartoons and in the language what kids like to watch, hear and understand.

Enhancing abilities

Each Child has its own potential, we also get surprised when we see our child doing various activities in our day to day life, Weat Happybees believe that if we understand the childs ability from the childhood than it will definitely help the child to reach its full potential. Our efforts will always be towards enhancing and developing the childsability in a very unique and innovative method of interactive learning.

Seizing the roots

We as a Indian are travelling to moon now a days but still we have our first priority to take care of our family, our Parents and our Grand Parents as it's our Root, and that values are with us even we are outside of our country. We welcome all the best technologies across the world but we keep our basics like an Indian only. We as Happybees also try to provide the best technologies across the globe to the kid which will help them to be a genius but we will seize the roots of our Indian tradition in every child to strengthen the bonding with their family.
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Our Programs

Play Group

Encouraging learning of new age skills

  • Age: 1-3 years
  • Time: 9:00-11:30

Imparts essential life skills

  • Age: 2-4 years
  • Time:9:00-11:30
Happy Juniour (LKG)

Allows children to grow at their own pace

  • Age: 3-5 years
  • Time:9:00-12:30
Happy Senior (UKG)

Preparing children for primary school

  • Age: 4-6 years
  • Time:9:00-12:30
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