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The 3i Brothers was established in 2011 as a enlightening partnership firm as per company's ACT, 1956, and having its registered office at Ahmedabad, with the conviction that improved standards of living of a state's populace was directly tied to accelerating educational development.
It is a partnership firm where the partners are having more than 16 years of experience in MNCs; their expertise is in Sales, Marketing, and Retail Chain development with tremendous innovative style. 3i Brothers helps drive the institute as a distinctive and innovative next generation, engaged in picking niche, high impact initiatives, and scaling them through effective learning to implement its mission.
We started this firm with a Vision to provide Educational Services by which the Child can adapt quickly and would be able to enjoy the classroom sessions as it would be full of learning, fun & entertainment. Acting as a catalyst, the institution has demonstrated its ability to establish innovative models and make long term investments to achieve its goals.

Why Happybees

Happy Bees is a brand of 3i Brothers which believes in the child development through basics and not through bookish style. We believe Child development is the result of "transactions" between the child andhis/her environment. Each transaction is a new learning which results in thedevelopment of skills and traits. The right frequency, quality and intensity ofinteractions between children and their environment will result in each child reaching his or her full potential. We believe in developing the child to matchthe speed of the competitive world but not by losing the innocence of the formative years which is missing these days.


Expert People

Our Team

Nidhi Joshi
Fenil Joshi
Branch Developer & Marketing Head
Parth Patel
Digital Marketing Head
Shachi Bhatt
Curriculam Head